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Guggenheim Jeune

Thank you for your interest in Guggenheim Jeune!

For £15/month, a membership to Guggenheim Jeune will entitle you to:

  • Access to six 'How To' events per year.

Guggenheim Jeune is named after Peggy Guggenheim's first gallery which opened at 30 Cork Street in 1938 and is specifically aimed at women who have less than four years of experience in the art world. Whether you're a student, trainee, junior level employee or moving into the arts from another industry, we'd love to hear from you - no matter what your age!

We’ve devised a whole new programme of events especially for Jeune members, which will be made up of a series of six ‘How To's, hosted by members and friends of Marguerite, where they’ll be sharing practical tips and real-life accounts of what it’s really like to work in their field - as well as shining a spotlight on some of the more unexpected parts of the industry!

Jeune will not only give you access to some amazing women already killing it in their field but also the opportunity to meet likeminded women who are starting out just like you to share your own journey with!

If you have any questions whatsoever on Guggenheim Jeune or the application process, please don't hesitate to email us at

If you have more than four years of experience in the arts, why not check out Marguerite or Marguerite 1938 membership!