"It's still a boys' club, no question in my mind."


Named after one of the most significant art patrons of the 20th Century, Marguerite “Peggy” Guggenheim, Marguerite is a network of savvy and influential women working in the arts, all with a strong desire to support each other in their climb to the top.

Marguerite strives to uphold Peggy Guggenheim’s confidence, ambition and vigour — her fearlessness and her recognition of the importance of surrounding yourself by intelligent, generous people to expand your own knowledge and network.

Through a series of thirty inspiring, innovative and most importantly fun events every year, Marguerite offers women the opportunity to meet, share ideas and build their careers in the art world and beyond.

Marguerite events are not about artificial networking. There are no corporate name badges, stale conference centres or soulless bars to meet in. We’re all about providing environments where women can feel confident and empowered amongst a support network of inspirational and intelligent women; enabling women to make meaningful connections through a shared passion. 

Frances Morris, who in 2016 became the first ever female Director of Tate Modern recently commented “It has taken me a long time to work my way up the institutional hierarchy, which I suppose typifies the situation for many women”. “They’re allowed to do great projects and author individual aspects of their work but to take institutional responsibility has been much more difficult.” "It's still a boys' club, no question in my mind."

Marguerite’s aim is to change this.


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“A platform like Marguerite is empowering and exciting for women in the arts. It is about understanding the art of connecting one another and staying connected, creating a real sense of community. Especially for women - for whom one of the most penalising aspects has been a sense of isolation and loneliness in their lives and endeavours. A structure like Marguerite will be empowering and inspiring to all of its members and beyond.”

- Valeria Napoleone, Patron of female artists and Founder of Valeria Napoleone XX


“Quite simply this is precisely the kind of members group I have been waiting for since I started working in the arts over 13 years ago. The chance not only to attend incredibly tailored and exclusive events that you just don’t see on offer with other patron groups and members clubs, but to do it in the company of fantastically talented and dynamic women working in all sectors of the art world is a massive draw to me. I have developed strong friendships through these events that have enriched both my professional and personal life, so I can’t recommend this more and urge any woman of any age in the arts to join and make the most of it, as I have done and continue to do!”

- Marguerite member, Brandei Estes, Head of Photographs Department, Sotheby’s

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